Recipe for quick cheese croissants

Quick cheese croissants

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Quick cheese croissants without the need to rise the dough, which allows you to significantly shorten the time of making croissants. However, in the case of these croissants, only the kneaded dough does not need to rise, but the dough formed into the croissants must be let to rise, but that takes only 25 minutes. These yeast croissants are delicious for breakfast, supper, and served as an addition to spreads and dips. The baked cheese croissants are light, the dough is fluffy and soft inside and has a crispy outside.

I start preparing these cheese croissants by combining all the ingredients for the yeast dough in a bowl. Add the cheese a minute later after the remaining ingredients, knead for a few minutes, then roll out, cut out triangles from the dough and shape them. The dough can be prepared and kneaded with a kitchen mixer, which is what I do personally when preparing most yeast doughs, and others. If you don’t have such a mixer at home, mix the ingredients and knead them with your hands in a glass or plastic bowl. Place the croissants on a baking tray, brush them with egg, sprinkle with caraway, leave them to rise, and when ready, bake until golden brown. I encourage you to try the recipe for quick cheese croissants and I wish you happy baking.

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Recipe for quick cheese croissants
Cheese croissants

Ingredients for quick cheese croissants.

  • 450 g all-purpose flour + extra
  • 80 g grated cheese
  • 50 g sunflower oil
  • 7 g instant yeast
  • 10 g powdered sugar
  • 200 g warm milk
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 flat teaspoon of salt


  • 1 egg
  • 1,5 tablespoon of caraway seeds
Recipe for quick cheese croissants
Cheese croissants

How to make quick cheese croissants.

Pour flour, powdered sugar, instant yeast, salt, egg, milk and oil into a bowl. Knead for a minute, then add the grated cheese and continue kneading for 3-4 minutes. Next, place the dough on the kitchen counter, divide it into two parts, sprinkle them lightly with flour and roll out each part into a cake with a diameter of 30 centimetres. Then cut the cake into 8 parts to create 8 triangles. Cut each triangle in the middle of it’s base to about 2 centimetres long strip, then roll it into a croissant shape, starting from the base. Place the croissants on a baking tray lined with baking paper, brush them with an egg beaten with a fork, and sprinkle with caraway. Set them aside for 25 minutes to rise. Place the croissants in the oven preheated to 180 degrees Celsius and bake for 20 minutes. Place the baked croissants on a wire rack and let them cool down.

Recipe for quick cheese croissants
Cheese croissants

Good to know when making quick cheese croissants.

You can use any type of hard cheese. It can be Gouda cheese, Gruyere cheese, Emmental cheese and any other type of hard cheese. You can buy the cheese already grated or grate it on a medium-size grater.

Do not leave the yeast dough to rise. Only the dough formed into croissants should be left to rise.

The dough circle can be cut into more than 8 triangles and thus you can obtain a larger number of smaller croissants.

Bake the croissants until golden brown. I bake them for 20 minutes, but the baking time will depend on your oven.

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Recipe for quick cheese croissants
Cheese croissants
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Quick cheese croissants
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