In my small kitchen I cook everyday food for my family and friends.

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Potato gnocchi with sage and butter recipe
Dinner | Eggs & Flour | Lunch | Meat-Free | Vegetarian

Potato gnocchi with sage and butter

Gnocchi are Italian flour, potato and egg dumplings. The gnocchi dough is almost identical to the dough for Polish dumplings. The difference between gnocchi and Polish potato dumplings lies in the shape of the dumplings, because Polish dumplings are larger and have a diamond or rectangular shape. Unlike dumplings, gnocchi are smaller and have a…

Rogan josh recipe
Dinner | Gluten-free | Lunch | Meat

Rogan josh

Rogan josh is an Indian lamb curry made with an aromatic tomato-based sauce. This dish is cooked slowly over a low heat, which allows all the ingredients and spices to mix thoroughly. During such cooking, the meat not only becomes soft and tender, but also acquires a fantastic taste. This Indian dish is served with…

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  1. Could you use premade pie crust with this?