In my small kitchen I cook everyday food for my family and friends.

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Baked quail recipe
Dinner | Meat | Poultry

Baked quail

Quail is a small bird that, when properly baked, delights with its taste. Despite its size, quail is not as easy to prepare as it may seem. I know something about this because I was served baked quail for dinner some time ago and it was difficult to eat. The mistake made with those quails…

Autumn salad recipe
Gluten-free | Lunch | Salads | Vegetarian

Autumn salad

In the autumn, there are plenty of vegetables available that work phenomenally well in salads. These include vegetables such as pumpkin, beetroot, cabbage, brussels sprouts, kale, carrot, celery, leek, kohlrabi and onion. You can prepare many salads from individual vegetables or a mixture of several ones. Autumn salad is nothing more than a combination of…

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