In my small kitchen I cook everyday food for my family and friends.

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Recipe for jackfruit taco
Lunch | Meat-Free | Vegetarian

Jackfruit taco

Taco is a Mexican dish consisting of a small tortilla and filling. After filling, the tortilla wrap is folded in half and eaten with hands without the use of cutlery. Fillings popular in tacos are made from beef, poultry, seafood or fish, pork or vegetables. There are also additions, which are usually vegetables, such as…

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  1. Hi, yes, so it would be melted butter – this I will amend. Flour is all-purpose flour – this one…

  2. In English, we don’t typically say “80 g liquid butter”. It would be 80 grams butter, melted OR 80 grams…

  3. I mean that the pot in which the soup is being cooked should be covered with a lid but not…

  4. Hi, you are right, all depends on their size but you should be able to make around eight medium-sized fritters.