Date balls dessert

Date balls

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Date balls are a vegan snack that you can have during the day or serve for dessert. It contains neither gluten, nor lactose or sugar. It is based on mixed dates and hazelnuts, and the whole thing is surrounded by crunchy coconut. This healthy dessert is easy to make and requires only three ingredients.

I start preparing the date balls by soaking the dates in boiling water first. It is important that the dates you use are large, because such dates are fleshy and their skin can be easily removed. After soaking the dates, drain the water from them, put them in a container and mix them with the hazelnuts. The consistency of the date-nut mass is thick, which is why mixing takes a little while. I put the mass in the fridge for some time, it is easier to form it into balls when cold.

After taking the date mass out of the fridge, I grab it with a small spoon and form small balls from it, which I roll in shredded coconut. I keep the balls in the fridge for a few days. I put them in a container, which I cover with a lid, but you can also keep them on a plate covered with cling film or aluminium foil. I recommend the following recipe for date balls and wish you a tasty meal.

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Date balls dessert
Vegan date balls

Ingredients for date balls.

  • 200 g big, dried dates with pits
  • 20 g ground hazelnuts
  • 15 g shredded coconut
  • 200 ml boiling water
Date balls dessert
Vegan date balls

How to make date balls.

Place the dates in a bowl, cover with boiling water and let stand covered for an hour. Next, pour off the water, and remove the skin from the dates and remove the pits. Put the peeled dates in a tall container, add the ground hazelnuts and mix to a creamy and homogenous consistency. Afterwards, put the date mass in the fridge for an hour. After taking it out of the fridge, take the mass with a spoon and form it into small balls in your hands, then roll them in the coconut. Put the date balls in a plastic container, close it tightly and place it in the fridge. The balls can be stored in the fridge for several days.

Date balls dessert
Vegan date balls

Good to know when making date balls.

From the given amount of ingredients you can make about 15 balls with a diameter of 2-2.5 centimetres each.

I used dried jumbo medjool dates. Their weight after peeling and removing the pits was 18 dkg.

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Date balls dessert
Vegan date balls
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