Eggs with bacon

Devilled eggs with bacon cream

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Here is another recipe for devilled eggs. This time the eggs are stuffed with mayonnaise, mustard, egg yolks, eggs and fried bacon based cream. You can start preparing the bacon cream by frying the bacon first. I use very thin slices of smoked bacon, which I put on a cold frying pan, put the whole thing on the heat and fry over a low heat. When the bacon is nicely melted and crispy and browned on one side, I flip it over and continue frying. The bacon should be very well rendered, crispy, but not burned. I advise against frying the bacon over a high heat, because that way it will be easy to burn it quickly and it will still have a lot of fat in. I combine all the stuffing ingredients with a blender. However, I am aware that not everyone has a blender at home, so chopping the bacon and grating the egg and the yolks is also a solution.

I encourage you to try the recipe for devilled eggs with bacon cream. I think that such eggs will be perfect when served on the Easter table.

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Eggs with bacon
Devilled eggs

Ingredients for devilled eggs with bacon cream.

  • 6 hard-boiled eggs
  • 90 g stripes of smoked streaky bacon
  • 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise
  • 1/2 teaspoon of mustard
  • a pinch of pepper

How to make devilled eggs with bacon cream.

Place the smoked bacon slices in a pan, fry them over a low heat until the bacon is crispy and well-fried. When frying, the bacon should be turned over. Let the fried bacon cool down, then cut it into small cubes.

Egg stuffing: put 1 diced egg, yolks from the remaining 5 hard-boiled eggs, sliced bacon, mayonnaise, mustard and pepper into a bowl, then use a blender to blend the whole thing. Put the stuffing into a confectionery sleeve or bag, then fill the egg whites with it. Put the eggs on a plate and place it in the fridge.

Eggs with bacon
Devilled eggs

Good to know when making devilled eggs with bacon.

To prepare eggs with bacon cream, you need 6 hard-boiled eggs, but only 5 of them are stuffed. Combine one egg with the rest of the stuffing ingredients.

I hard-boiled the eggs for 9 minutes. I used “L” size eggs.

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Eggs with bacon
Devilled eggs
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Devilled eggs with bacon cream
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