Pan-baked Camembert recipe

Pan-baked Camembert

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Pan-baked Camembert with fresh rosemary, garlic and olive oil is an idea for a quick and low-work warm snack. The fact that the cheese in this recipe is baked in a pan does not mean that it cannot be prepared in the same way on the grill, especially during the grilling season. How to make baked Camembert? This dish is extremely easy to prepare, because after gently scoring the cheese with a knife and drizzling it with olive oil, you need to stick some rosemary and a few pieces of garlic into it. I strongly suggest cutting the garlic, because in smaller pieces it bakes faster and you can be sure that it is not only baked but also soft.

The liquid, slightly chewy cheese tastes phenomenal when served with fresh bread. Apart from bread, you can also serve it with something sweet like chutney or jam, for example cranberry. Types of homemade bread, which are interesting accompaniments to cheese, are wheat bread, rolls with dried tomatoes, sourdough bread and garlic rolls. I encourage you to try the recipe for pan-baked Camembert below and I wish you a tasty meal.

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Pan-baked Camembert recipe

Ingredients for pan-baked Camembert.

  • 2 pieces of Camembert cheese (120 g each)
  • 1-2 springs of rosemary
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 2 big cloves of garlic
Pan-baked Camembert recipe

How to make pan-baked Camembert.

Score the top of the cheese with a knife, then drizzle it thoroughly with olive oil, push in rosemary leaves and garlic cut into smaller pieces. Wrap it in aluminium foil and place it in a well-heated, thick-bottomed pan. Bake over medium heat for about 15 minutes on both sides.

Pan-baked Camembert recipe

Good to know when making pan-baked Camembert.

Fresh rosemary works best with this dish, but if you don’t have fresh rosemary at home, you can replace it with a bit of dried rosemary, or use another fresh herb, such as thyme.

A frying pan that works well in this case is a frying pan with a thick bottom or a grill pan.

Before adding garlic to the cheese, I peel it and cut it into smaller pieces. These can be slices or cubes.

Do you like dishes with Camembert cheese? If so, try our recipe for Brioche buns with baked Camembert cheese.

Pan-baked Camembert recipe
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Pan-baked Camembert
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