Cheese from grill

Grilled camembert

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You can grill not only meat and vegetables, but also cheese. Cheese that taste great when grilled are halloumi, camembert and paneer. Various types of cheese specifically for grilling are also available in stores. Today I want to encourage you to make grilled camembert cheese. I usually grill this cheese on a grill pan and serve it with chutney or jam. Before putting the cheese in a frying pan, rub it lightly with honey, oil and a pinch of salt. The addition of honey is not a necessity, but oil or olive oil should be brushed over the cheese, or at least on the pan on which it is grilled.

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Cheese from grill
Grilled cheese

Ingredients for grilled camembert.

  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 2 camembert cheeses (125 g each)
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • a pinch of salt


  • apricot chutney for serving

How to make grilled camembert.

Rub the camembert cheese with honey, olive oil and a pinch of salt. If you are grilling cheese in a grill pan, put aluminium foil on it to prevent the cheese from burning. On the other hand, if you decide to grill cheese on the grill, you should do it on an aluminium tray, and not put the cheese directly on the grill. I was grilling camembert cheese in a grill pan, which is why I will describe this method of grilling for you.

Put the grill pan on the heat, cover it with aluminium foil and heat it up. When the pan is hot, reduce the heat to low, with a tendency to medium, and place the camembert cheese brushed with olive oil, honey and salt. Grill the cheese on both sides for about 2-3 minutes in total. While grilling, check every few seconds that the cheese is not burning and if this starts to happen, turn it over. Serve the grilled camembert with apricot chutney.

Cheese from grill
Grilled cheese

Good to know when making grilled camembert.

I recommend serving grilled cheese with sweet jam or chutney. My special recommendation is apricot chutney, for which you can find the recipe HERE. Grilled camembert also tastes delicious with cranberry jam, onion chutney and balsamic vinegar.

The grilled cheese should be well browned on the outside and have a liquid texture on the inside. As the cheese is brushed with honey before grilling, it can cause the honey to burn due to the hot temperature. It is therefore a good idea to grill the cheese over low heat.

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Cheese from grill
Grilled cheese
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