Rolls from herring

Herring rolls

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Today, I have a recipe for herring rolls for you. These rolls are a perfect cold snack that can be served at all kinds of parties. This snack is not very sophisticated, and I must say that these herring rolls are a simple snack. To prepare herring rolls, you need good quality herring, preferably matias, pickled cucumber, eggs, canned peas, a bit of sour cream and mayonnaise. The pea sauce with cream and mayonnaise complements the taste of herring really nicely – without them the herring rolls would not be as tasty. If you like herring, I recommend you to prepare this dish of herring rolls in pea sauce.

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Rolls from herring

Ingredients for herring rolls.

  • 8 herrings in oil brine
  • 2 hard boiled-eggs
  • 1 big picked cucumber
  • 250 g sour cream
  • 100 g canned peas
  • 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise
  • a pinch of salt
  • a pinch of black pepper


  • toothpicks

How to make herring rolls.

Dry the herrings with a paper towel, place them on the kitchen counter with the skin side down.

Cut the pickled cucumber into eight parts, and also cut the eggs into four quarters each.

Place a piece of pickled cucumber and a piece of egg on each herring, then roll up the herring. Close the roll with a toothpick.

Combine mayonnaise with sour cream, a pinch of salt, pepper and canned peas in a bowl. Put the sauce on the serving plate, and place the herring rolls on it.

Rolls from herring

Good to know when making herring rolls.

I prepared these herring rolls by adding pickled cucumbers to them. I did not peel the cucumbers before adding them to the rolls.

Drain the water before adding the peas to the sauce. It is best to pour the peas into a colander and set them aside for a while to drain off the water.

Of course, the best herring to use in these rolls will be matias. I usually use herring in oil brine when making these rolls. You can also opt for herring in vinegar or salted herring, however, salted herring should be soaked in cold water for several hours before use.

I boiled the hard-boiled eggs for 9 minutes.

Do you like herring? If so, try our recipe for Kashubian style herring.

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