Homemade iced tea

Iced tea

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Iced tea is a cold soft drink that effectively quenches thirst. It is easy to prepare and does not require a lot of ingredients. The basis of this iced tea is an intense infusion of black tea, but of course it is not the only tea that can be used to make an infusion. Green and white tea are equally tasty options. Tea can be brewed in a smaller amount of water and later diluted with more water, or you can prepare the tea in a large amount of water right away. I choose the latter method most often, i.e. I immediately brew the tea in a large amount of water, to which I also add granulated sugar. Personally, I don’t like when iced tea is very sweet, so I don’t add too much sugar.

I start preparing iced tea by making a brew. I place tea bags in a teapot, any other pot or jar, pour boiling water over them and leave them for 10 minutes so that the tea brews well. Next, I take out the bags and cool the liquid slightly. I add chopped fruit and herbs to the tea and let the whole thing cool down, first to room temperature, and when it is cool enough, I put the tea in the fridge. This fruity tea is refreshing, citrusy and has a slight hint of mint. I encourage you to check the recipe for iced tea and I hope you enjoy it.

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Homemade iced tea
Iced tea with fruit

Ingredients for iced tea.

  • 4 bags of black tea
  • 1,5 l boiling water
  • 2,5 – 3 tablespoon of crystal sugar (flat)
  • 1,5 lemon
  • 1,5 orange
  • a few springs of fresh mint
  • ice cubes
Homemade iced tea
Iced tea with fruits

How to make iced tea.

Put tea bags in a tea pot or jar, add sugar and pour boiling water over it. Set it aside for 10 minutes. Afterwards, remove the tea bags and let the liquid cool down. Put the sliced lemon and orange into the still lukewarm tea, add also the mint leaves torn from the twigs. Stir, then leave to cool completely and when ready, put in the fridge and chill well. Serve the iced tea with ice cubes.

Homemade iced tea
Iced tea with fruits

Good to know when making iced tea.

Iced tea can also be prepared with other fruits, it does not have to be orange or lemon. Fruits that will work well as an addition to iced tea are nectarines, peaches, strawberries, raspberries or limes. You can also replace the mint with other herbs. Other interesting additions include rosemary, lavender or thyme.

Tea bags can be replaced with leaf tea. After brewing, pour it through a thick leaf to get rid of the leaves.

Instead of sugar, the tea can be sweetened with honey or agave syrup.

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Homemade iced tea
Iced tea with fruits
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