Passion fruit posset recipe

Passion fruit posset


Posset is a sweet dessert with a creamy consistency somewhat reminiscent of curdled milk. It is made by combining cream with sugar and fruit juice. The juices most often used in this dessert are lemon, lime and passion fruit, but in general, you can use juice from most tart and citrus fruits. This dessert is simple to make and not very time-consuming, but you have to wait a few hours before you can enjoy its taste, because after preparation it must be cooled in the refrigerator so that it can thicken properly. It is best to prepare the posset in the evening so that you can enjoy it the next day. This fruit dessert is perfect for birthdays and name days, and it also works great on a sweet table as a mini dessert. I encourage you to try the recipe for passion fruit posset below and enjoy.

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Passion fruit posset recipe

Ingredients for passion fruit posset.

  • 40 ml passion fruit juice
  • 40 ml lime juice
  • 100 g crystal sugar
  • 300 ml whipping cream (30%)

To serve:

  • 1 passion fruit
  • fresh leaves of mint
Passion fruit posset recipe

How to make passion fruit posset.

Pour the whipping cream into a pot, add crystal sugar and bring it to a boil. From the moment it starts to boil, cook it over a low heat for 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove the hot cream with sugar from the heat, pour the passion fruit juice into it and stir with a spoon until the liquid begins to thicken a little. At that point, add the lime juice and continue stirring for about 30 seconds. Next pour the liquid into dessert cups and place them in the fridge for at least 3 hours, preferably overnight. After removing it from the fridge, decorate the dessert with passion fruit pulp and fresh mint leaves.

Passion fruit posset recipe

Good to know when making passion fruit posset.

In total, I used five medium-sized passion fruits, four of which were used to prepare the cream and one for decoration. After cutting, I removed the pulp from each fruit, blended it and passed it through a fine sieve.

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Passion fruit posset recipe
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